Passionate Client Advocate

Lisa’s professional passion is the practice of law.

It helps fuel her desire to win. She is a tenacious battle-tested litigation ace with more than 25 years of helping clients achieve justice and equitable treatment.  

Lisa loves being able to change the lives of others in positive ways. Whether she’s racing at 135 MPH or vehemently advocating for her clients, in order to be successful, she believes every contender must exhibit the desire to win. Lisa credits her tenured legal experience, her competitive spirit and her dogged determination for her successful legal career.

Sometimes my clients are underdogs. Sometimes they are facing the underdog. Helping my clients fight in a way they can achieve resolution; that is winning.  That’s the best part of my job.

Lisa Lumley is a Board Certified – Civil Trial Law & Oil, Gas & Mineral Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Lisa Lumley is Board Certified – Civil Trial Law & Oil, Gas & Mineral Law – Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Lisa Lumley Doberman Advocate

Doberman Rescue of North Texas

Although she volunteers with many charities, Lisa’s favorite is the Doberman Rescue of North Texas.

For more than 25 years Lisa has been putting her money where her bite is by raising money for the charity that helped her save her friends’ lives – Haley, Cuervo, Vegas, Dusty and Morgan.   She has been a passionate supporter of the organization, rescuing and training five Dobermans since 1995, in addition to others that she has fostered or helped adopt out.

If you want to support Lisa in helping Dobermans find a new lease on life, visit

BMW Racing

On weekends, Lisa trades in her business suit for a fireproof jumpsuit and helmet to race her modified 1995 BMW M3, which she actually helped build.  More than 10 years ago, as part of a self-described mid-life crisis, Lisa started racing BMWs, eventually receiving her racing license in 2008.

“I didn’t grow up watching racing on TV but when I got introduced to racing it became a whole new field.  I could learn about cars, about strategy and about mechanical bits and pieces that help a car go faster.”

Lisa competes in BMW Club Racing and NASA (National Auto Sport Association) events and has twice won BMW Car Club of America champion in the South Central Region of her class. 

“Racing is all about learning, strategy, preparedness, and passion. The very things that have helped me win great results for my clients.”

Lisa is typically the only woman racing at top speeds of about 135 miles per hour at 304 acre MotorSport Ranch in Cresson, Texas, south of Fort Worth, as well as other road courses around Texas and across the country.

“Problem solving is one of the things I love about racing and about being a lawyer. The “MacGyverism” of things, figuring out how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. There a very few women who race at the local level, but for BMW racing, I’m the only one. I’ve been in a male dominated world of law and the only woman in the room for a long time. I am used to that.”

Lisa Lumley BMW RacingLisa Lumley Fort Worth - BMW Racing